Amelco Industries Ltd

The company was established in 1972 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Amelco Industries Ltd is one of the first industries in the south-eastern Mediterranean and Middle East area to supply most of the mattress producers with the necessary raw materials and machinery for the manufacture of innerspring mattresses. The company's objective is to continuously strive to improve the final mattress product and act as a partner to its customers by supporting their bedding needs.

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+357 22484444
P.O.Box 22361, Nicosia, Cyprus 1520
+357 22484444
P.O.Box 22361, Nicosia, Cyprus 1520


Unbaler UB2000E/EF: The Unbaler provides an easy, quick and safe way to unpack rollpacked innerspring units.

It is suitable for unpacking up to 200cm wide rolls with maximum roll diameter 70cm. The packing material is automatically rolled for easy disposal or re-usage. It can easily open 1500 units per 8-hour shift. This number can be increased depending on the operator's skill as the speed is pre-selected in order to suit the operator's pace. Unbales any type of innerspring units, bonnell, pocketed, continuous, LFK, etc. Operator friendly electronic controls.

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  • This machine carried CE certification.

    Electrical Power Supply: 0.75kW, single phase
    Compressed Air supply: About 6kg/cm2, consumption negligible.
    Dimensions: 90 x 265 x 150 cm height
    Shipping Weight: 630kg
  • Model UB2000EF: The machine is loaded and unloaded from the front, saving working space and making the operation easier. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) monitors the speed of unrolling and is kept constant throughout the entire operation.

    Model UB2000E: The machine is loaded from the back and unloaded from the front. It is ideal for in line production. The wrapping material can be guided to the centre for re-usage. The unrolling process stops automatically when the roll finishes.