Amelco Industries Ltd

The company was established in 1972 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Amelco Industries Ltd is one of the first industries in the south-eastern Mediterranean and Middle East area to supply most of the mattress producers with the necessary raw materials and machinery for the manufacture of innerspring mattresses. The company's objective is to continuously strive to improve the final mattress product and act as a partner to its customers by supporting their bedding needs.

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+357 22484444
P.O.Box 22361, Nicosia, Cyprus 1520
+357 22484444
P.O.Box 22361, Nicosia, Cyprus 1520

Pocketed Innerspring Units

Pocket spring units are made of individual spring coils (rather than the interconnected ones) wrapped in a small non-woven fabric sack pocketed and held in a row among one another, forming the unit. Due to the fact that they can move independently, the total flexibility allows the mattress to respond to the sleeper’s precise shape, weight and size. Pocketed spring units are particularly known for their high point by point elasticity, leading to independent motion, thus avoiding disturbing the other sleeper when one sleeper moves. We manufacture pocketed units in different gauges, coil counts, heights and coil densities, hence allowing for different degrees of resistance and comfort.

    • Pocket spring wire diameter: 1.35mm – 2.00mm
    • Pocket spring height : 100mm -190mm
    • Pocket spring coil diameter: 50mm – 65mm (barrel shape)
    • Coils density per m2: 225 - 350
    • Nonwoven fabric: Spun bond (100% PP)
    • Bonding: Centrally glued (2-3 rows of glue)
    • Border Frame (if requested): 10x1.4 mm (flat steel strip)